Termine 2016 | Mai


Konzert, Performance | Nights im Bunker

S04E04 "selbstporträt mit goedel"

Do, 12.05., 21:00 Uhr, Keller, Eintritt € 6,- | Abo € 18,-

von und mit: glöckner/hagemann/schrettle/wurzwallner
zu gast: Karl Grünling, Marko Markovic


Ausstellung | Performance | Präsentation

The whole is but a fragment

Eröffnung: Fr, 27.05., 19:00 Uhr, Hauptraum, Eintritt frei
Dauer: 28.05. - 03.06., Di-Fr 11:00-18:00 Uhr, Sa 11:00-16:00, Hauptraum, Eintritt frei
Finissage: Fr, 03.06., 19:00 Uhr, Hauptraum, Eintritt frei

Eine Kooperation mit der Abt. für Kunst und kommunikative Praxis der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Künstler*innen: Simona Bergmann, Johanna Bogensberger, Markus Edelmann, Jonas Jahns, Helene Heiß, Mave Venturin und Maja Winkler-Hermaden

Präsentation des Magazins «Nowiswere» Published Issue # 1 London
Screening und Performance
von Veronika Hauer, Andreas Heller, Barbara Kapusta und Gästen

Styria Artist in Residence | Präsentation, Performance

days of open performance

Mo, 30.05., 13-21 Uhr, an unterschiedlichen Orten im Stadtpark und im FORUM, Eintritt frei

Days of open performance Graz presents a one day public event as big happening with performances, actions in public space, open readings, community based work and many more.

The happening will take place in Stadtpark, Graz in organization with international festival program Dopust/Days of open performance Graz, Forum Stadtpark and IZK Institute for Contemporary Art/Institut für Zeitgenösische Kunst, Graz

Considering the public space as territory for communication artists will interact with people at different locations, creating situations and investigating reactions. In the context of the present time artists will react on social structure and current events in Austria regarding the political situations, class differences and people status.

Applying their framework within the territory of Stadtpark and close surroundings participants will deal with the memory archive, artifact preservation, social plastic, cultural heritage, story telling and creation of situations in form of flash mob, human microphone and time based performance.

Actions will be conducted on the model of situationism and other radical emancipatory  movements from  mid- 20 century. One important example is the political art group Situationist International. Their approach is a cultural critique such as society of spectacle and anti- authoritarian positions that have found its intellectual foundations from Dada and Surrealism. The concept and the idea of situationism is present in the work of groups such as Art and Language, Voina, Pussy Riot and peoples movement and protesters such as Occupy Wall Street. In this way we can consider a merging of art and activism with an ideological background that we can find in revolutionary ideas from the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin.

Also if we consider the intellectual influence of situationism in music from the late 70s and 80s and creation of punk with anti society statement- in your face - we will definitely point out Malcolm McLaren and the creation of Sex Pistols as well as the anarho-art commune band Crass.


Students of the Architecture Faculty at the Graz University of Technology in the framework of the course Live Action: Creating Roles in Speculative Environments at the IZK Institute for Contemporary Art with the course leader artist Milica Tomic and (chair) professor at IZK and performance moderator Marko Markovic.

Zweite liga für kunst und kultur
Zarko Aleksic

This is the open call for all the people to come, join in and participate in actions and performances on 30th of May !

Art director Marko Markovic

Die Residency von Marko Markovic wurde ermöglicht durch das Programm Styria Artist in Residence des Landes Steiermark.
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